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Happy Monday and happy 1st day of Autumn♥

Hello families and friends and welcome to our day here in the Toddlers Two room! What a beautiful day it has been today and I look forward to you all reading about what we got up to today♥

This morning we began our morning indoor play as the children explored throughout the rooms and the table activities that were set up such as;

  • Farm animals with natural timber, leaf’s and rocks.
  • Problem solving with the puzzles
  • Building and connecting with blocks and connectors
  • Dancing to sleeping bunnies
  • Driving the trains on the wall where we placed the train tracks
  • Role playing in home corner
  • Free drawing with the crayons

What a joyful morning it was and after all our fun and exploration throughout the room it was time to tidy up before we did our group time.

Group time:

  • Miss Jess started off by asking the children where is our “head”, “nose”, “shoulders” and so on to engage them all before getting into our group time discussion.
  • Today is complementary day, Miss Jess spoke to the children about what we will do for this day and said what it was about and meant. Miss Jess then continued on with reading two books. The first book was called “Kind” and the second book called “happy” as the books were read Miss Jess stopped at points and asked the children “do we like being happy”, “are we kind to our friends” “what is your happy face” Then Miss Jess smiled at them all and said “I love your happy faces, you are all beautiful!”
  • To finish off group time we sung “bee, bee, bumble bee to transition to washing hands before morning tea.

Soon after morning tea we grabbed our hats and slipped on sunscreen before jumping out to the great outdoors!! Our friends had a wonderful time venturing around their playground and freely playing. During morning outdoor play Miss Hope did small groups at a time to participate in the art activity associated for our complementary day. The children were able to freely paint a big love heart and when it has all dried this afternoon they are able to glue on a complement.

Outdoor play:

  • Zooming around the bike track was a lot of fun for some!
  • Building sandcastles and birthday cakes with Miss Jess was liked by a few!!
  • Sensory play in the black tray with sand and water!
  • Water play is always a favourite!

Before we knew it, Miss Hayley was here for YOGAAAAAAAAA!!! All children calmly joined Miss Hayley outside on the grass where they relaxed their bodies and did some breathing. Miss Hayley passed around her breathing ball as they all took a deep breath in and then out and pushed the ball in and out. The children rather enjoy yoga and relaxing their bodies. Thank you Miss Hayley, see you next week♥

It was then time to come inside and get ready for our tasty lunch before we all had a well rest and reenergised our bodies for this afternoons adventure♥

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Dom xx