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Good Afternoon friends and families,

Happy Last Monday of kindy for 2020!!

This morning we welcomed Rania, Tai, Alanis, Aria, Alia, Dominic, Kezia, Lincoln, Onyx, Abel and Nayla into the room where they enjoyed the free play with our friends from Toddlers One and Two this early morning. The children chose to play with lego and baby dolls. We sang our good morning songs and the famous “bee bee bumble bee” before washing our hands for morning tea.

After a few days inside due to the weather, the children were so excited to venture outdoors. The Toddler friends enjoyed a sensory play in the wet sand. Some friends also practised their pedalling skills on bikes. We also play “shopping” pretend to make and sell ice cream in a different flavour to our friends.

We decided to have two different environments where the children were able to self select what an where they wanted to play with. Some of them decided to come inside and do some colouring at the table. Miss Thais then read the book “Rosie’s holiday” and had a conversation following the book with the children about their holiday with families. They also told Miss Thais which toy they would like to take for the holiday. Alanis said “Teddy bear” and Rania said “doll”.

After a big play outdoor and indoor was lunch time. Miss Bec did a Group Time with the children outdoor and read two more books. All the children had the attention to listened to Miss Bec we also sang “hammer hammer hammer and tap tap” and then “bee bee bumble bee” transitioned to the bathroom, wash hands and the lunch was ready.

Love Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi