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Happy Monday Everyone and welcome to a new month, cant believe it already September. We hope you all had a wonderful long weekend and a Happy Fathers day to all the wonderful dads out there.

Today we welcome our friends Hendrix, Luca, Lachlan H, Quinn, Ivy and Lachlan B with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais, today our friends Luca, Ivy, Lachlan H , Hendrix and Quinn showed interest in playing with the baby dolls and multicultural dolls, blankets and cradle where they wrapped the dolls up in the blankets while laying the dolls in the cradle and then enjoyed pretending to rock the dolls to sleep.

Miss Shelby extended on the children’s interest of the dolls by singing Miss Polly had a dolly, Hendrix and Ivy responded by singing along to the song.


To extend on the children’s interest of the animal magnets last week Miss Shelby set up a magnet experience where the children used their problem solving skills, fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills to pick up the magnets.

Hendrix showed excitement once he picked up the magnets has he said ” yay, look”, Ivy was proud of her achievement as she smiled and clapped her hands when she picked up the smaller magnets using the magnetic sticks,Quinn was busy exploring the coloured magnet pieces and had a go at picking them up, Luca used his words to say ”wow” as he explored the magnets and what they can do, Lachlan  B expressed his feelings and ideas as he said to Miss Shelby ” did it” while showing her what he did and Lachlan H used the large magnetic hook to connect the smaller magnets to it.

Miss Shelby also added the animal magnets to this experience where Hendrix found the crocodile and monkey magnet and started singing the cheeky monkey song, Miss Shelby joined in singing the song and so did Ivy.


Miss Shelby and Miss Thais