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Hello families and friends,

Welcome to Toddlers One Room! I hope you had a good time during our holidays. Today we welcomed our friends Ruby, Isabella, Millie, Orion, Rosie, Lincoln, Onyx, Nayla and Aria. This early morning our friends were very excited exploring our new room environment. Rosie and Nayla love our home corner area! Isabella and Aria were interested in Puzzles. Ruby and Orion showed interest in the shapes of Montessori puzzles. Onyx and Lincoln had a play in the car mat with different trucks while Millie enjoyed reading books.

Later in the morning we transitioned outdoors where we could meet our friends from Toddlers Two Room and enjoyed playing together. The children showed interest in the swing and climbing around the yard. They also played in the sandpit.

Before we transitioned inside we sat on the verandah and did our group time, sang our Good morning song called “Hello how are you” and “Bee bee bumble bee”. This was also a good opportunity to learn our friend’s names. When Miss Thais called their names during the song we transitioned to the toilet to wash their hands properly where Miss Jordan supervised them and sat at the table with Miss Maddi during morning tea.

We decided to extend their interest in shapes by doing an activity “Matching shapes”, so Miss Thais quickly drew some different shapes on the blackboard and asked the children to find the shapes and match them. It was a good activity where the children could find the shapes and name some of them.

Miss Thais and Miss Maddi also spent some quiet time on the mat sharing story books “ABC” and “POP-UP FUN ABC Learn with me”. The children could also help us to identify the initial letters and the words from the Book.

Other play experiences today included drawing in the black board, building towers with the wooden blocks and role play with the baby dolls.

Love Miss Thais, Miss Maddi and Miss Jordan