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Welcome back to another fun filled Monday in the toddler tow room, today welcome our friends Quinn, Alanis, Luca, Lachlan H, Ivy, Hendrix and Lachlan B.

We started our day having a play outside in this beautiful sunshine where Ivy had fun going up and down on the sea sore , Lachlan H showed us how good he is at throwing the ball and Quinn and Luca pushed the trucks and cars around.

Hendrix, Lachlan H and Ivy also explored and investigated the wooden coloured looking glasses as they looked through them.

Today we extended on cars by doing car painting using red, green, orange and light blue paint, our friends Lachlan B, Ivy, Hendrix, Quinn, Lachlan H  sat down around the table to have a turn at painting with the cars. while doing his painting Lachlan B used her words to tell Miss Shelby ” look”. Alanis and Luca also had a try at doing the painting.

While doing the painting Miss Shelby sang and did the actions to some car songs, singing take you driving in my car and twinkle, twinkle, little star, daddy drives a motor car.

Miss Nikki sat down with a group of children to sing 5 little ducks with the puppets as this has been a interest of the children, Miss Thais found some puppets so she brought them out for the children to explore and play with and sang Gallop went the frog with the frog puppet.

Ivy and Luca showed interest in the baby dolls and blankets, together they pretended to pat the doll to sleep. Miss Shelby sang ”Hush little baby don’t you cry” as they put the baby doll to sleep.

Miss Shelby, Miss Thais and Miss Nikki