Hello families,

Today we started the day playing in the Yard where we did our Group Time sitting on the mat and sang our Good morning songs with actions.Inside, Parker asked me to get out the musical instruments. Miss Bec played a game with us where we would start shaking the instruments slowly and becoming faster as she said ‘faster’. This was a good way to help the children listen and comprehend different kinds of instructions.

We continued doing different activities and experiences due to Science Week. Today the children painting with ice. These run super smoothly on the paper and the colors are great (kind of watery color). The children loved the experience and some of them asked for more! During the activity, Abel said: “cool” and Dominic said “cold”. Was very nice to see them engaged.

We continued to play outside for a little longer where we climbed all over the playground, jumping on the bridge and riding our bikes.

We have had a great day here at kindy!

Love Miss Thais, Miss Bec, and Miss Maddi