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Today we welcome our friends Charlotte, Luca, Latika, Domini, Hendrix, Ivy ,Quinn and Alanis with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais.

This morning we stayed inside as it was photo day, when Miss Shelby arrived we had morning tea then gathered on the mat for some story time where Miss Shelby brought in toilet training book – ”My First potty book” while looking at the story Hendrix, Ivy and Charlotte sat down with Miss Shelby and they had a turn at pressing the button to hear the noise of the toilet flushing.Our friends Dominic and Luca also came over to look at the book.

We also looked at a fire truck book, while looking at the book Miss Shelby talked about how the fireman use a hose to put out the fire, we made fire engine noises¬† and also looked at the pictures in the book and talked about what we can see. Miss Shelby also read a boat about and book and while reading it Quinn started doing the actions to row, row, row your boat so Miss Shelby sang the song and Hendrix and Luca joined in screaming when we sang ” if you see a crocodile” don’t forget to scream.

Miss Shelby sat with Hendrix, Latika, Charlotte, Ivy, Luca, Quinn and Alanis do doing a colour dot sticker making fire truck activity, the children were asked to stick the pink, orange and green circle dots onto the circles on the fire truck. Hendrix and Ivy did a really great job as they showed understanding of where to stick the dots onto the firetruck, Latika, Charlotte, Luca, Quinn and Alanis also had a turn at sticking the dots on the circles on the fire truck and with help they did a great job at doing it.


Today we all sat down together sitting in a circle to play a ball game, Miss Shelby started off by rolling the ball to one of her friends. The children were asked to open their legs so they could catch the ball, they all did a great job at opening their legs, Charlotte, Ivy, Luca, Quinn, Dominic, Latika, Hendrix and Alanis all joined in and took it in turns in rolling or throwing the ball to their friend and to Miss Shelby.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais