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Today we welcome Taran, Evie, Vaughn, Ivy, Charlotte and Latika into the toddler room with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais, we started our day playing in the toddler one room with Miss Leesa and Miss Jess and the toddler one friends until Miss Thais and Miss Shelby arrived.

We then came into our room and joined Miss Shelby on the mat where we sang and did actions to baby shark with Vaughn and Charlotte doing the actions by clapping their hands like a shark, Miss Shelby played a Happy Birthday song on the laptop and we sang Happy Birthday to Taran for her Birthday tomorrow- both Taran and Ivy responded by putting their hands up in the air when Miss Shelby and Miss Thais said hip, hip, hooray”. We also did a brushing our teeth song as we have the tooth show on today and Evie, Ivy and Charlotte showed us where there mouth was when singing ”open your mouth to brush your teeth”.

We then had some morning tea where the children choose what fruit they wanted to eat, after morning tea our friend Latika joined us while Vaughn, Taran, Evie, Ivy and Charlotte were sitting down with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais playing a fishing came where they each took it turns using the wooden fishing rods to catch the wooden sea animals. While doing activity Charlotte asked Miss Shelby for help saying ”help please”, Taran said ”yay” each time she caught something with the fishing rod.

Today we had the Tooth Booth Dental Show- Meet Sharkey Shark, who own the ”Tooth Booth” and all his friends who visits him regularly.

A fun educational way for the children to learn all about their Teeth, what they are made of and how they can decay.

How many sets of teeth do we get? What Shape are they? Why do we go to the Dentist?

of course, we learn how to brush our teeth properly. ” Brush morning and night to get a smile that’s bright”.

We talked about being healthy and what foods to eat to make us bug and strong just like our Teeth.

Everyone loves a great big SMILE!

Taran’s mum brought in some choc chip cupcakes to share with all her friends and we ate them at afternoon tea.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais