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Happy Thursday Everyone

We had a wonderful day in toddlers two with a girls day today.Taran and Ivy arrived later this morning so we stayed outside longer so they could have more of a play. While outside they enjoyed sitting at the drawing table that Miss Shelby set up, Taran found some green leaves and she placed them on the paper to have a try at drawing around the leaves while Ivy drew around in circles on the paper.

After having some watermelon, mandarin, banana and rock melon for morning tea it was time to play where Ivy and Evie went straight over to the book nook where Miss Shelby had set up baby dolls, blankets, dolls clothes and the dolls cradle to extend on Evie’s interest of babies. Ivy placed a doll into the cradle, covered it with a blanket and started patting the doll to sleep and she also had a go rocking the cradle. Evie placed a blanket on the floor for the doll and then added a pillow before placing the doll down and covering the doll with another blanket. Our Friend Latika arrived during activity time and also joined in playing with the baby dolls.

It was lovely watching Ivy,Evie and Latika showing kindness and looking after the baby dolls in the loving way.

To extend on Taran’s interest of drawing around the leaves Miss Shelby thought it would be fun to do leave painting with red, blue and yellow water paint. Taran, Evie, Ivy and Latika all had a turn at painting with the leaves, they dipped the leaves into the water paint and then dabbed the leaves on the paper. While painting Miss Shelby said dab, dab, dab to encourage them to dab the leaves, Taran copied Miss Shelby saying ”dab, dab, dab”. Ivy also used her hands to move the paint around the paper and then showed Miss Shelby her hands while giving a little laugh, Evie also showed her hands and Latika was feeling the texture of the leave while she was painting with the leaf.


Daniel from Arakan was outside with the Pre-kindy children, Ivy and Latika were very interested watching what they were doing as they both watched from the door.

Miss Shelby