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Today Miss Shelby and Miss Thais welcome Hendrix, Luca, Quinn, Ivy, Lachlan B, Dominic, Latika and Charlotte.

Before having morning tea the children joined Miss Shelby on the mat for some book where together we looked at  a flip flap colour boo, they all had a turn at opening the flap in the book to see what was hiding behind it ,while looking at the different coloured objects and animals in the book . Lachlan recognised the bird as he opened the flap saying ” bird”, Quinn, Hendrix and Dominic felt the texture of the butterfly and Hendrix said ” butterfly”  and Ivy opened the green leaf flap to found the frog where she felt the texture of the frog. Luca also joined in to touch the frog and said ”frog”.

Luca brought a coloured book over to Miss Shelby so together we looked at the objects in the book with Quinn pointed to the banana and said ”na na” Lachlan and Hendrix both recognised and named the green frog saying ”frog” and when asked what colour the frog is they both said ”green. Dominic recognised and named the ball as he pointed to the ball on the page and said ”ball


Miss Thais played a magic box game with the children, used added some toys from around the room into the box- baby doll, car and whale into the box and the children were asked what they taught was in the box and Hendrix responded by saying ” baby doll.  When Miss Thais look the toys out of the box Lachlan said ”car” as he recognised the toy car. Miss Thais also sang her song in her language and the children danced around in a circle holding hands together.

Our Christmas art activity today was making Santa hats , the children used red, sliver, gold and blue glitter paint to decorate a Santa hat.

Today the children had some messy play with green jelly, our friends Luca, Ivy, Dominic, Quinn, Latika and Hendrix were exploring the jelly in the container with their hands as they put their hands straight into the container. The children used their words to express themselves and they played with the jelly with many saying ”wow” and ”cold”.

Hendrix. Ivy and Luca showed Miss Shelby their hands with Hendrix  and Ivy saying ” Look” and Luca” saying ”wow”.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais