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Today we welcome our friends Charlotte, Dominic, Ivy, Hendrix, Luca and Taran with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais

What a wonderful and busy day we had in toddlers two today, full of fun, learning and interacting together with our friends and educators.

Today Miss Shelby sat down with Hendrix, Ivy and Taran looking at the number animal puzzle, together the children recognised and named the animals on the numbers with Hendrix saying pig, oink, oink, cow moo moo and horse nay, nay. Taran recognsied and named the giraffe and bee saying ”giraffe and bee buzz, buzz”.

Dominic was interested in the pop-up turtle, pressed the shaped buttons to pop the turtles head in and out .Taran was enjoying building high towers with Harry from toddlers one, showing sharing and turn-taking as they both took it in turns to place the wooden blocks on top of each other. Hendrix pretended he was talking to his mum with the phone he found in the babies room when he was dropped off this morning.

Miss Steph sang some nursery rhymes this morning, singing Mary had a little lamb, hickory dickory dock and baa baa black sheep and then transitioned the children to wash their hands for morning tea by singing 5 cheeky monkeys swinging in the tree.

Miss Shelby set up the play dough with some reusable materials- plastic lids, wooden paddle pop sticks and wooden knifes for the children manipulate, explore and investigate.

Luca extended and followed his own interested as he got out the train set to explore and build. Taran, Ivy and Hendrix joined in with helping connect the wooden train track pieces together.

We hope you all have a long weekend, see you all next week.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais