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Good Afternoon Families,

This morning Miss Thais, Maddi and Bec welcomed Ivy, Tua, Dominic, Nikora, Lara, Diego, Nayla, Parker, Onyx and Millie into the yard. Today, Nayla, Onyx and Millie dressed up in halloween costumes and they looked amazing! Thanks for the effort 🙂  The children spent the morning riding their bikes, climbing and sliding across the playground and engaging with their educators and peers. Miss Maddi then got us to sit down where we sang our good morning song and ‘bee bee bumble bee’ song, before we transitioned indoors to wash our hands for morning tea.

After morning tea, Miss Bec sat us down on the mat for our group time where she read ‘peppa’s pumpkin party’ to continue with our Halloween theme, along with ‘noisy farm’ and ‘the very itchy bear’. Some of the children then enjoyed a little bit of free play with lego and magnetic blocks, and some decided to keep reading books. We then went outdoors where the children played in the water kitchen and explored the outdoors.

Miss Thais then brought out our Halloween activity for the day which was ‘ooey gooey creepy jelly’. The children were able to play with the jelly and see what creepy crawlies they could find while doing so. This activtiy focused on the children’s sensory, fine motor and curiosity skills. The children have 5 senses and in this case, they used their touch. Curiosity is also a great way to help the children stay interested and engage in the activity as they are continually asking themselves ‘what’s next’, ‘what else is in here?’. All children really enjoyed this activity!

After this activity, the children went back to water play where they were measuring and pouring the water from one container to another, trying not to spill. They also really enjoy filling up the sink or a container and putting a floating toy in, or putting sand in ands watching it sink perhaps exploring the ‘will it sink or float?’.

The children have had such an amazing day today! Remember tomorrow is ‘Day for Daniel’ so we ask that you wear red if possible to help us recognise this day.

Love, Miss Thais, Bec and Maddi xx