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This morning outside in the toddler yard Miss Shelby set up some play dough, musical instruments, cars and the animals with sand in the trough. While playing outside this morning Ivy sat with Miss Shelby rolling the play dough, while Miss Shelby was singing ”this is the way we roll the ball” Ivy said ” roll” while rolling the play dough between her hands to create the ball. Our Friends Evie, Taran and Vaughan joined us before we came inside for morning tea.

For Morning tea Miss Kerry made some special boomerang pancakes to go with the fruit platter, Ivy really enjoyed eating the pancake up. While having Morning Tea Miss Shelby sang and did the actions to If your happy and you know it, Taran and Ivy copied the actions as they clapped their hands when Miss Shelby said ”if your happy and you know it clap your hands” and Ivy also pretended to be a sleep when Miss Shelby said ” if your tired and you know it go to sleep”.

Taran, Evie, Vaughan, Ivy and Latika all did an amazing job helping to pack away after themselves as they put their leftover food in the rubbish bin, dirty dishes in the wash up basket and then put their drink bottle away in the fridge.

During activity time the children helped paint a flag with red, white and blue paint to create the New Zealand flag as today we promoted Evie’s cultural background and heritage as her mum is from New Zealand.

Latika found the basket of coloured pegs so she sat down and started connecting them together by stacking the pegs ontop of each other. To extend on the sand play outside Miss Shelby brought out the purple magic sand and added some plastic cups to the tray of sand for the children to explore and investigate. In a group Vaughan, Latika, Evie, Ivy and Taran played together with the sand, they used the plastic containers to fill up with the sand and make castles.

Before having lunch the children joined Miss Shelby on the group time mat where used animal flash cards, Evie, Ivy, Taran and Latika made the noises of a cow, dog, cat, horse and pig.  Miss Shelby also did colour recognition using colour flash cards – who is wearing ….. today and 5 fat sausages to transition to wash hands for lunch.

Miss Shelby