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Good afternoon families and friends…

We started our morning playing outdoor with our Toddler One friends. Willow decided to spend her time watering the pot of soil. Dominic kept busy climbing through the obstacle course and Parker enjoyed dancing with his friends from Toddlers One and Miss Bea.

The Toddler friends then transitioned indoors for washing their hands and delicious morning tea. After our yummy morning tea we finished our mother’s day craft. Dominic and Parker were very engaged during the painting activity. Dominic recognized the name of the colours and Parker pointed to the colour that he wanted to use in his pot.

This week we have been learning all about shapes. They can recognize some shapes such as star, heart and circle. We also did an activity so that they could assimilate the shapes pieces to the images. All of them participated and got some star stickers after the activity.

Today during the afternoon we are going to celebrate Dominic’s birthday!!! We have some yummy cupcakes waiting for us!!! He is turning two on Saturday! Happy Birthday Dominic!!!

Love Miss Thais