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Welcome to a fun filled Thursday in the toddler two room, today we welcome Latika, Vaughn, Charlotte, Evie, Hendrix, Luca and Taran with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais.

When Latika arrived outside she showed off her new hat, Taran showed off her fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills as she practiced throwing the ball into the basketball hoop. Vaughn exlpored the sandpit where he filled up the container with sand using his hands to put the sand in the container and Luca used his whole body to push the wheel- barrow around.

Today the children participated in two art activities

Art activity one- Miss Shelby brought out the stamping coloured textas, Charlotte, Hendrix and Evie watched Miss Shelby as she showed them how to stamp on the paper. Charlotte used her words to copy Miss Shelby saying dab, dab, dab and recognised the love heart shape on her paper.

Art activity two- The children sat together to do a painting experience using coloured paint and thick paint brushes, they used their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills to paint all over the paper as they held onto the paint brush. Charlotte, Luca , Evie and Taran followed and extended on their own interest by painting their hands and then doing hand painting on their paper, Evie and Charlotte showed that they were proud of their own individual achievement as they showed Miss Shelby their hands and said ”look”.

To extend on Latika’s interest of the baby doll from the dolls house, Miss Shelby brought out the baby dolls with cradle and blankets. Vaughn, Hendrix, Latika, Charlotte and Luca really enjoyed exploring their identity through role play as they pretended to rock the baby dolls to sleep in the cradle. Miss Shelby sang ” see the babies sleeping” and they responded by saying ” shh, shh, shh”. Evie brought her baby doll into day and said to Miss Shelby ”shh my baby sleeping” and Taran had fun sitting in the baby cradle and rocking herself side to side.

Before having lunch the children joined the toddler two children and Miss Leesa to sing songs using Miss Leesa’s special felts and puppets.

Songs enjoyed were:

Gallop went the fro

Incy wincy spider

twinkle, twinkle, little star

tiny trutle

what do you think your name is

two blue birds

row, row, row your boat- Evie and Charlotte held hands while singing this song and Charlotte screamed when the song sang if you see a crocodile don’t forget to scream.


Charlotte’s 2nd Birthday is on Saturday 10th August so today her mum Jess brought in a yummy cake for Charlotte to share with her friends and educators.

Thank you Jess

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais