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Hello families and friends 😊
A warm welcome from toddlers two classroom!!!

What a fabulous day we have had around here today! This morning our friends were so excited and happy to explore our beautiful environment and welcomed their friends with a BIG SMILE and lots of cuddles. Our day began with toddlers friends playing outside with their friends from next door, searching for their self interest toy and playing in the popular spots on the playgroup which were:

♥ Balance bikes – Our friends are having so much fun pushing the little bikes around the yard, their balance skills are getting so much better with all the daily practice, each day they are more faster! ♥

♣ Playing with Trucks – The big yellow trucks still very popular into the children favourite play, they enjoy filled up the dump truck with sand and then transport around the yard until the bark area.

♥ Swinging through the breeze on the swing with their friends and laughing saying ” HIGH, HIGH”

The time past so fast when we are having fun with our friends, a it was then time to tidy up the playground and start our morning routine.

In our group time today we continuing to work in our week topic, Naidoc week, exploring the subject Mis Gabi told to the kids ” The rainbow serpent tale”  using illustration at our story telling time. Then we sang our favourite rhyme songs and smooth transition to wash hands and morning tea tine.
For morning tea today we had a delicious Creamy pear quinoa porridge with a seasonal fresh fruits.

With our tummy full it was time for more learning and play around here. Extending the children interest for “the rainbow serpent” tory we decided to organize a sensory activity on the group tables. Using yellow and red playdough, natural gumtree leaves and our friends were invited to enjoy the table where they their creativity flow playing and creating with this resources and our friends loved it. Very engaged in the experience as they enjoyed pretending they were feeding the snakes, covering the snakes with dough,  using the leaves as a birthday candles and the playdough as a cake, and much much more.

Indoor experiences we also engaged in today include:
♥ Building with wooden blocks – The construction area still very popular around the children, they enjoy using the blocks to make car ramps, stack up one on top another one and use it as a step and much more, today Jackson said: ” I want to make a house”.
♥ Rock towers – Yesterday we painted rocks in our group time, then we keep it and now the children are using those paddles, as a imaginative resources in our playtime. This morning the children enjoyed making tower with the paddles and also helping into their math skills because they loved to count the rocks.
♥ Home corner was another favourite today as they enjoyed making food for one an other and caring for the babies.

Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big adventure outside in the afternoon!

For lunch time today we had a another yummy and nutritive deal Roast vegie, avocado and pesto grills sandwich served with a delicious salad bar.

With Love,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope.