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What a wonderful Thursday we had here in the toddlers two room with Miss Shelby ad Miss Steph, today we welcome our friends Everly, Willow, Luca, Alanis, Dominic and Alexia.

We started our day playing outside in the babies yard and then adventured outside to our new playground, the children are loving exploring their new outside environment and are doing so well with the new challenges with the climbing equipment.

Today Miss Shelby made some investigation trays with dough and different utensils – scissors, rolling pins, cutting knife and play dough cutters for the children to be able to explore and play with using the resources. This also allows the children to feel a sense of belonging as they get to have their own activity and also allows them to use their creativity skills, fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills.

Mr Daniel was back from holidays for Arakan, our friends Dominic,Luca and Alexia were happy to join in where they learnt how to do strikes on the gloves.

Miss Shelby brought in her singing bear to share today, all the children gathered around her to listen to what they bear was singing. Everyone also got a turn to press the bears ears, nose , hands and feet to hear the music and also press the bears love heart belly to watch it light up.


Quick Reminder- due to hot weather outside can you please bring your child with shoes when they arrive to kindy and also dress them in sun protection clothing.

P.S If you arrive after 8am can you please get your child’s hat from their hat pocket to bring them outside as well applying sunscreen before they come to kindy.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph