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Miss Shelby and Miss Thais would like to Welcome Charlotte and her family to Riversdale Early Learning Centre and into the toddler two room. Charlotte had a wonderful first day interacting with her teachers and playing with her new friends. She enjoyed exploring her new environment and getting involved in the daily activities.

Taran, Evie and Charlotte did their brushing teeth art activity today, they used their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills to hold onto the paint brush and the white paint to use as the tooth paste to brush the teeth on their mouth picture. Miss Shelby sang ”this is the way we brush our teeth” as they used the tooth brushes and Taran copied Miss Shelby saying ” brush, brush”.

Miss Shelby brought some coloured shaped sorting blocks out for Lachlan to extend on his interest of blocks yesterday, Miss Thais sat with Lachlan and talked to him about the different colours and shapes of the blocks. Miss Shelby sat with Taran to do some building singing ”built them up, build them higher”.

Miss Gabby joined us in our room for yoga this morning, when she arrived Taran gave Mindful Monkey a cuddle and Evie gave Karma Koala a big cuddle. They both sat together on the mat waiting for Miss Gabby, Taran, Evie, Lachlan and Charlotte joined in with Miss Gabby singing her Good Morning Song as they all stood up and danced along with her.  The children did some relaxation time where they layed down to get tickled by Miss Gabby’s coloured feather, they had fun catching bubbles and having a turn at ringing a bell up high and down low.

We also enjoyed dancing with streamers today and along to some songs on the laptop, Charlotte asked for baby shark and then enjoyed doing the actions to the song along with Evie and Taran who knew the actions to the baby shark song.


Miss Shelby and Miss Thais