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Good afternoon families and friends!

We started our beautiful morning Outdoor with our friends from Toddler One. Dominic enjoyed pushing the wheelbarrow around the playground. Lachlan loved explored the toys in the sandpit. Parker was so helpful this morning helping Miss Thais to find their hats and drink bottles.

Miss Thais has been observing the children, they are very engaged Outdoor with the nature, so Miss Thais decided that “Gardening” would be a fun theme this week due to the children’s ongoing interest. The Book today was “Make a worm farm”.

Today we had a “Vegetable Garden Sensory Bin Activity”. They loved the feel of the oats sliding through their fingers. Sensory bins are a great way to keep our friends engaged and learning. Our friends can also practice fine motor development, cognition skills, and much more.

We also got the chance to plant some flowers with Miss Gaby. As we play we talk about how seeds turn into plants, we discuss bugs we may see in the garden and whether they are helpful or harmful. We talk about garden critters like rabbits, birds, gophers, etc…. that may disturb or help in the garden.

It’s been a fun Tuesday!

Love Miss Thais