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Miss Shelby would like to Welcome Vaughan from the babies room, Taran, Kyro and Evie from Toddlers one room and also a big welcome to Latika and her family as it was her first day here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre.

We joined the toddler one children outside for a play before coming inside for morning tea, first all the children did an amazing job and washing and drying their hands and then sat down at the table for some yummy porridge, banana and pear.

During activity  time the children were very busy exploring their new environment, Latika found a green ball and loved throwing it around the room so Miss Shelby sat down with her and they rolled the ball to each other, Vaughan also joined in with us having a turn at rolling the ball to Miss Shelby and Latika. Drawing with coloured pencils was of an interest with Vaughan, Taran and Latika, the children also loved hiding in the tent and exploring the different puzzles- Fruit sorter puzzle and shape puzzle. Kyro, Latika, Evie and Vaughan were all siting in book corner, so Miss Shelby joined them to read a let’s learn animal book where we talked about the different noises a lion, dog, cat, sheep, pig, horse, cow and ducks make.

Miss Shelby set up a nature play with play dough activity using leaves and play dough, Kyro, Taran, Evie and Latika had fun exploring the leaves and used them to stand up in the play dough. It was great seeing the children use their persistence, determination and concentration skills to figure out how to stand the leaves up in the playdough.

Before having lunch Miss Shelby did a group time with her special puppets she brought in to share with the children, singing 5 cheeky monkeys – Taran, Evie, Kyro and Latika had a go at touching the crocodile and the children were all given a monkey once the crocodile snapped the monkey up for tea. Before singing baa, baa black sheep with the sheep puppet Taran gave the sheep a big cuddle and Evie gave the sheep a kiss.

Miss Shelby