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Happy Tuesday ♥

Hello families and friends and welcome to our day here in the Toddler Two room♥

What a beautiful day we have all had today with lots to do and to see!

This morning we spent half of the morning inside and here is what we got up to!

  • Role playing in home corner, cooking up a tasty storm in the kitchen with friends!
  • Zooming around the cars on the car ramp
  • Building with the connectors

Group time

  • To get the children settled into group time Miss Jess began to read a book called “Rainbow Colours” as Miss Jess read this book she asked the children what colour each page had on it. Miss Jess said each colour out loud while signing for some!! The children repeated the colours after and some copied the signing. They all show just how confident and involved learners they are and that they are just blossoming each day!
  • Today we focused on another great nursery rhyme that the children LOVE “Miss Polly had a Dolly” we borrowed more dolls from the Babies three (thank you♥) and Miss Jess did some actions as she sang the song with the children. Afterwards Miss Jess then asked if the children would like a turn at acting out the song and they all excitedly wanted a turn. They did such a beautiful job at remembering the actions Miss Jess was doing!
  • We then got all the dolls out and set up a nice area for all to enjoy! The children liked feeding them, nursing them, making sure they were all okay as they used the doctors kit and enjoyed pushing them around in the pram♥ It was so nice to see all children really enjoy role playing and showing great care.

Soon after we got ready to head outside for a play before we came inside for lunch!

Outdoor adventure: 

  • WATER PLAYYYYYYY!!!!! The children LOVED jumping in the water with bubbles, mixing it around, washing the animals in it and pouring in and out!
  • The children also enjoyed zooming around on the bikes!
  • Practicing their great balancing skills on the obstacle course!
  • Looking at the beautiful horses and even watching them being fed! What an experience that was!

Before we knew it, it was time to come inside to get ready for lunch before we rest our bodies for a fun filled afternoon♥

Thank you for today!

See you all soon♥

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx