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Happy Tuesday everyone!! Today we welcome our friends Dominic, Charlotte, Latika, Quinn, Alanis, Hendrix and Luca with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais.

At morning tea time Miss Shelby sang a ”Good Morning song” to welcome our friends Charlotte, Luca, Hendrix, Quinn and Alanis. Charlotte responded by saying Good Morning Miss Shelby, Good Morning Miss Thais and Good Morning to her friend Luca. Our friend Latika joined us after morning tea.

Dominic, Latika , Luca and Hendrix were busy playing in home-corner so Miss Shelby added some more food and cooking utensils for them to play with.

Miss Kerry gave us some Woolworth plants to grow so today Miss Thais did a planting experience with the children. together they looked at the seeds and then watched Miss Thais put them into the soil in the pot. They each a turn at making their own plant, the children had a turn at pouring some water into the pots of soil and also felt the soil with their hands.

.This experience broadens the children’s understanding of the world in which they live and allows the children to become curious and enthusiastic participants in their learning. For the rest of week we will continue to water the plants and watch them grow.  The children also created  their own plant pot by painting them brown, we will create some flowers to add to the pot.


Miss Shelby sat down to sing row, row, row your boat, Quinn held Miss Shelby’s hand as she sang the song and our friends Hendrix and Charlotte held hands.


Miss Shelby and Miss Thais