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Today we welcome our friends Taran, Lachlan, Kyro and Latika into the toddler two room with Miss Shelby, Miss Thais and Miss Danika who came for a play with us.

This morning we didn’t go outside until 9am when Miss Shelby arrived and then we all went outside with our toddler one friends, today we got to play outside in the big yard which was so exciting for all the children. While waiting to go outside Taran and Charlotee held hands, Kyro and Lachlan wheeled the wheel barrows around the yard, Taran and Charlotte sat together on the seesaw and miss Shelby pushed them up and down. Taran had a turn at practicing walking along the wooden bridge frame and Kyro and Charlotte played Pick a boo with Miss Shelby on the playground equipment.

Before coming inside for yoga with Miss Gabbi Miss Shelby brought the table and chairs outside and we enjoyed eating outside in the sunshine and fresh air.

This week is NAIDOC week so today we did Australian animal painting using the aboriginal coloured paints red, yellow and black and wooden paddle pop sticks. Luca came for a play and he joined in doing the painting.

Everyone participated in yoga with Miss Gabbi where they did yoga positions, Miss Gabbi also brought out the tunnel and they enjoyed crawling through it. They also caught bubbles Miss Gabbi was blowing.

Miss Shelby, Miss Thais and Miss Danika