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Happy Wednesday everyone, we hope you all having a wonderful week so far. Today Miss Shelby and Miss Thais welcome our friends Quinn, Alanis, Charlotte, Luca, Hendrix, Latika and Ivy.

This morning our friends demonstrated great self-help skills and independence as they showed us how they can wash their hands correctly. They also showed sharing and turn-taking as they shared the basin.

Today we extended on the children’s interest of the baa, baa, sheep puppets by creating a sheep, all the children sat down at the table to create their sheep. They used the craft glue to paint on the sheep and then decorated the glue and paper with cotton wool balls for the sheep’s skin. Charlotte and Hendrix used their words while creating their sheep with Charlotte saying ”Shelby Sheep” and Hendrix saying ” look sheep”.

Today we had another fun day full of singing with puppets, felts and props as this has been enjoyed by all the children this week, today Miss Shelby sat down with Hendrix, Charlotte and Ivy to sing Mary had a little lamb and little bo beep using the sheep puppet.

Miss Shelby brought in some coloured pegs to do a fine motor and hand-eye coordination activity using the pegs and some cups and bowls, the idea of this activity was for the children to figure out how to open the peg and clip the peg onto the rim of the cup or bowl. Luca, Latika, Charlotte, Ivy and Hendrix had a turn at using the pegs, they showed persistence and determination as they tried to open the pegs up to clip them onto the cup and bowl.

Charlotte recognised and named the yellow peg saying ”yellow” and Ivy and Latika recognised and named the blue peg by saying ”blue”, they also showed sharing and turn-taking with the cup and pegs as they took it in turns with the pegs.


To extend on the children’s interest of recognising and naming the coloured pegs Miss Shelby sat down to sing some songs using props  for colour recognition, using coloured car magnets Miss Shelby placed them onto the fridge and sang ”take you driving in my car”. Miss Shelby also sang a bus song using coloured felts and used coloured flash cards to talk about what colours the children were wearing today. Ivy and Charlotte knew they were wearing the colour pink.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais