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Bonjour Families♥

Hello families of the Toddler Two room and welcome to our sunshine day♥

Today was a very eventful day with lots to do! I can’t wait for you all to read all about our Wednesday here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre.

The weather this morning was just lovely for all your little cherubs to zoom right out to the outdoors! They headed straight off with glee as they set foot for their own journeys of wonder and excitement. The following was some of their favourite things to do.

Outdoor Adventure:

  • Building positive and happy friendships
  • Having a joyful time in the sandpit with their friends
  • Using their strong and fast feet to speed around on the bikes
  • Climbing the obstacle course and jumping off the beams and landing on the blue mats
  • Kicking and throwing the ball around

What a beautiful morning outdoor exploration all children had this morning. As time went by, we all made our way inside for group time. In group time today Miss Gabi read a book called ”Friends”. In this book it explains that a wave, smile, eye contact and more can show great connections between friends and is a form of communication. ECT ”Waving hello to another person” can mean ”Come play” or ”Hello” The children enjoyed this book and looking at each page thoroughly.

When Miss Gabi had finished reading the book we sang our transition song to wash hands for morning tea. When the children had finished eating they all helped pack away their things. The children have been showing how great they are at self help skills and doing things on their own, it truly is amazing to see them blossom each day.

Indoor free play:

  • Playing with the trains and train track
  • Role playing in home corner with their friends
  • Self selecting activities of their choice throughout the morning
  • Spontaneously reading books and playing with the stacking tower

After the morning fun, it was time to pack away and to get ready for our outdoor activity to follow on with nature week! The children all grabbed their hats and we applied sunscreen before going outside. We then followed Miss Jess to the bark area where Miss Hope had set up an activity with leaves, two spray bottles with the colours blue and green. The children were able to play the leaves on their paper before they sprayed them with the coloured water! The children LOVED this activity. The children who did not do a plant yesterday were able to do one today and they enjoyed doing this by themselves♥

As the weather was cool enough and the temperature checks were great the children were able to freely play outside before coming inside for lunch and a reenergised rest. This afternoon all children were fuelled with lots of energy and were all eager to head out in the outdoors for a play before going home.

Thank you all for today

See you all soon,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx