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Toddlers Two Wednesday Journey

Good afternoon families of the Toddler Two room and welcome to our day, read on to get an insight of our lovely day here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre♥

As the mornings are getting fresh we decided to have a glorious morning play indoors while we waited for our other friends to arrive and for the sun to warm up.

This morning the children explored their new set up in the room as we changed it around yesterday afternoon, with the help of our friends. Changing the room environment is a great way to keep it fresh, exciting and interesting! Noa, Leiana, Mia and Cameron were happily engaging with the puzzles and working together to complete the puzzle before they took the pieces out to start again. Adem, Max, Mathias and Indi were busy bees making a tall tower using the soft blocks, working as a team to build it up carefully before pushing it down and laughing. Edward and Macsen drove the cars around the car mats before they went on to driving the wooden trucks around on the floor! Avery, Peyton enjoyed their time exploring home corner and feeding their babies. Oliver, Jackson B and Edward were happily reading through the transportation book that makes sound. What an eventful morning it was with all children so eager and full of interest as they roamed freely throughout their room.

It was then time to help as a team to clean the room for a group time on the mat with everyone. In group time today Miss Jess read the book ”Hide in Seek Under the Sea”, as today is World Sea Turtle Day!!! Throughout this book Miss Jess had asked each friend questions such as ”What colour is the sea horse?” Indi replied and said ”Yellow” Cameron said ”Yellow” As we then got to the turtle on the last page Miss Jess asked ”What colour is the turtle” Noa said ”Green” Jackson said ”Green”. They all were very intrigued in this book. We then sang our transition song to wash hands to enjoy the Organic Apple Cranberry and White Bean Crumble for morning tea. Afterwards the children packed away their plates and drink bottles and started to get ready to go outside to explore. Half went outside and the other half stayed inside with Miss Hope as they did a craft activity! They were able to make turtles using a cardboard box, glue and crate paper! What fun they all had at creating their own sea turtles with craft!

In the great outdoors the children were having a whirl of fun in the sandpit making sandcastles, sliding down the slide, kicking and throwing the balls and riding the balancing bikes. As the time flew by we all came together to wash our hands and head in for lunch! The children had a Mexican Fiesta with nachos! What a delicious and nutrient meal that was! As they finished eating they walked to their beds to have a well reenergised rest for this afternoons journey in the double slide playground.

Thank You all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Gabi xx