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Today Luca came up from babies for a play with Miss Shelby and Miss Sarah, he had a wonderful day with with some new friends and his teachers.

Kyro participated in little big sports and he pretended he was a superhero, he got to choose an coloured soccer ball from the goal and he choose the blue and green ball.



Collage fun- Today Miss Shelby provided the children with some collage materials to practice gluing and sticking. with paddle pop sticks Kyro, Luca, Latika and Charlotte put the glue on the piece of orange paper and then decorated the glue with the coloured alphabet and shape foam pieces. Charlotte used her words to tell Miss Shelby she wanted more foam pieces by saying ”more please”.

Today Miss Shelby set up some messy painting play, providing some cardboard which Miss Shelby taped to the ground and some coloured paint for the children to do some foot painting. Miss Shelby and Miss Sarah took Kyro, Litika, Charlotte and Luca’s shoes and shocks off and they walked along the paper and through the paint. Charlotte also sat down in the paint, exploring different painting materials like rolling pins, plastic cups and sponges.

In the tent we played pick a boo together, their was lots of smiles and laughter as Kyro, Luca, Latika and Charlotte hid in and out of the tent. Luca found the coloured star connector pieces so Miss Shelby started to sing twinkle, twinkle little star with him and he responded by holding up and looking at the stars, Latika also joined in holding the star magnet up high.


Before lunch Miss Shelby sang baby shark, baby car and baby banana monkey banana.

Miss Shelby and Miss Sarah