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Hello to all of our families and welcome to our Wednesday!!! Today we welcome our friends Charlotte, Hendrix, Latika, Kezia, Alanis, Quinn and Luca with Miss Thais and Miss Steph.

We started our day playing in the big yard outside with our Toddler One friends.

After morning tea we joined Miss Steph on the mat and had some reading while Miss Thais was preparing the “Halloween” activity. Miss Thais brought some cotton balls and contact paper to create a ghost on the wall with the children. The activity was set up and all the children came around Miss Thais and listened to the instructions. Charlotte was the first one to said “It’s Halloween!” Miss Thais explained about Halloween – It`s the night of 31 October, the eve of All Saints’ Day, often celebrated by children dressing up in frightening masks and costumes. Luca could`t wait to get some cotton balls and stick it. Quinn liked to touch the cotton and feel the softness. Alanis used her gentle hands to stick the cotton.  Hendrix and Latika stuck the cotton and asked me for more. Kezia was curious watched the children and Miss Thais helped her during her turn. Was a great fine motor activity!

Later in the morning, Charlotte practiced her balance on climbing equipment. Alanis played with cars and the children were exploring Home Corner.

Was another beautiful day in Toddlers 2!

Miss Thais and Miss Steph