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Today the children painted flowers to continue with the focus on plants and go with the pots they made yesterday, while painting Charlotte said ” i want to do yellow” so started off using the yellow paint. Latika was observed doing dots all over the flower using the yellow, red and blue water paint and paint brush. Our friends Alanis, Ivy , Luca and Quinn also joined in to do the painting activity.

Miss Shelby brought in a book about gardening – How does your garden grow, together Quinn, Charlotte, Latika and Luca looked the pictures in the book. Charlotte pointed to the blue bird saying ” blue bird can fly, flap, flap”, Quinn and Luca pointed to the picture of the flower in the book and Latika said ”buzz buzz” for the bumble bee.

Charlotte asked for baby shark so Miss Shelby played the song for her, our friends Ivy and Latika joined in doing the actions with Charlotte. Quinn also dancing along to the song, moving along to the music and clapping her hands. Our friends Luca, Ivy, Latika and Quinn showed interest in the baby dolls, cradle and blankets as they pretended to put the baby dolls to sleep and Alanis was busy playing with the large dinosaurs.

Miss Shelby brought in a gardening toy for the children to pretend they were watering the vegetables, together we sat down to each have a turn at using the toy watering can to pretend we were watering the carrot, broccoli and strawberry. The children also explore the vegetables by pushing them down to hear the sounds, Latika danced along as it sang ”picking vegetables is fun”.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais