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This morning was little cold so we stayed inside longer, when the sun came out Kyro came outside with Miss Leesa while waiting for Latika and Miss Shelby to arrive. Kyro then came inside for some morning tea with Miss Shelby before going back outside for little sports.

Latika arrived while Kyro was having his Morning tea, she gave Miss Shelby a cuddle when Mum said Goodbye. Before going outside Miss Shelby dressed Kyro in his new little sports t-shirt and shorts, Kyro was full of smiles wearing his soccer outfit.

Kyro and Latika went outside with Miss Shelby, while outside Kyro participated in little sports with William from toddlers one where he played a colour recognition game using coloured soccer hats and coloured witches hats. Kyro had a go at matching the coloured soccer hats into the same coloured matching witches hat- matching red, blue and orange. He did a awesome job at following directions and could match the right colours so well done Kyro. Miss Shelby sat down with Latika one on one to read stories, while reading stories Latika recognised the picture of the banana and pointed to where the banana was on the page while saying ”na na”.

We then came back inside where Latika created her ”My name…. page ” to go on the welcoming window, she helped Miss Shelby stick on the coloured foam letters to create her name onto a piece of yellow paper. Miss Shelby provided an indigenous feather collage and painting to continue on with the focus of National Reconciliation week, during this art activity Kyro and Latika used craft glue to glue some white feathers onto black paper and then decorated the feathers with the Aboriginal colours red, yellow and black.

The children were also provided with a fishing activity, both Kyro and Latika sat down together to have a go at catching the wooden magnetic fish with the wooden fishing rod. This encourages the children to use their fine motor, and hand-eye coordination skills.

Before getting ready for Lunch Kyro and Latika sat down with Miss Shelby to read a story about a caterpillar. For lunch they had some yummy quiche cups, Latika did a great job at eating some of the quiche.

Miss Shelby