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Terrific Tuesday♥

Warm welcome families of the Toddler Two room and welcome to our day.

As the mornings are getting colder due to being winter, we are staying inside a bit longer until the beautiful sunshine warms up for us to explore around our outdoor environment.

Throughout the morning indoor exploration, the children experienced a variety of activities and self-select choices such as the following.

  • Free drawing with the pencils on paper. Macsen, Max and Mathias enjoyed using their creativity as they put pencil to paper, we love having paper and pencils easily accessible for the children to access when they please as it helps develop their fine motor skills, such as their pincer grip.
  • Cameron happily showed how content he was and engaged in role-playing in-home corner. Cameron grabbed some ‘’food’’ to put in the basket before saying ‘’My lunch’’. Home corner enhances greatly on their communication and language skills as well as allowing them to be able to explore around and let their imagination flow.
  • Edward, Leiana and Noa helped Miss Jess build towers with the soft blocks to watch it fall down before repeating it over again! They really enjoy challenging themselves to see how high they can build it up before it tumbles on down. Jackson C. then came over with his ”Ice cream” made out of magnetic connectors. Jackson pretended to lick his ice cream before saying to Miss Jess ”Ice cream”. Imagination was booming around the room and it was so wonderful to see.
  • Avery thought the cars and car ramp were pretty intriguing as she enjoyed racing the cars around the ramp. As Peyton arrived her smile lit up even more as she greeted Peyton before guiding her to join with the fun. We love seeing great friendships blossom throughout the room and see how they really connect with one an other.
  • Adem explored throughout the room before he found the awesome little cars in the box! He was pretty stocked about that!

As the morning began to get warmer we helped packed away before setting foot to the great outdoors. We decided to also have a picnic outside for morning tea which was so nice, the children enjoyed sitting down for a meal outside with all their friends in the fresh air. For morning tea today they had Happy Morning Breakfast Pizza, they LOVE their fresh fruit!!  Afterwards they packed away their things before adventuring around the playground. From playing with the new balls to swinging in the breeze on the swing, investigating the gardens, looking through the fence at the horses and doing a beautiful hand print of the indigenous flag for out last reconciliation activity.

What an eventful and full of fun morning we all had! The time flew by as it was time to join our friends on the veranda with Miss Shae as we copied some actions to get all our attention and focus before singing ”Bee bee bumble bee” to transition inside to wash our hands for scrumptious lunch! For lunch today they had Deconstructed Sushi Bowl, this was a hit!. When all tummies were nice and content they packed away before heading to their beds for a reenergised sleep.

Depending on the afternoon, we may have a beautiful picnic outside in the double slide playground ♥ Either way we will have a whirl of fun!

Thank you all for today,

See you all soon.

Miss Jess, Miss Gabi and Miss Hope xx