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Today we welcome our friends Quinn, Lachlan B, Alexia, Latika, Hendrix, Kezia, Ivy, Luca and Charlotte.

We started our day joining Miss Shelby on the mat for songs and books where our friends held hands to sing one of our favorite songs row, row, row, your boat, while singing and doing the actions to the song Luca said ”row, row”. All the children loved screaming when we sang ” if you see a crocodile don’t forget to scream”.

We also sang Old McDonald had a farm and open shut them which Ivy, Hendrix, Luca, Quinn did the actions to and blew a big kiss at the end of the song when we sang ” blow a great big kiss”. Our friends Luca, Ivy , Hendrix and Lachlan B Kezia looked at my first word and picture book with Miss Shelby, together we did naming and object recognition as we looked at the different objects in the book. Lachlan B recognised the apples as he said ” look apple and started to count the apples on the page” and also the balls as he said ” balls” while pointing to the balls on the page.Kezia pointed to were the frog was when Miss Shelby said can you see the frog” Luca recognised the pictures of the cars saying ” cars”. We also did counting using our fingers with Luca showing the number one and Hendrix showing the number three.


Miss Shelby set up some mobilo for the children to explore and play with, Miss Thais sat with the children and show them how to connect the pieces to make a car, Charlotte helped her connect the pieces together and also asked Miss Shelby ” can you make a car” Hendrix also asked to make a car with the mobilo.Charlotte was using the wheels of the mobilo as a microphone as she started singing Jingle bells into the mobilo”. Alexia was busy in home-corner where she enjoyed wearing the chef hat and pretending to eat a piece of toast.

The children sat with miss Shelby to create some Christmas presents using coloured glitter and collage materials, Lachlan said my turn, let me have a go” while he waited to do his Christmas art work. We also did some dancing to some Christmas music with coloured dancing streamers and musical shakers. Some songs we enjoyed dancing to were jingle bells, we wish you a merry Christmas, all i want for Christmas is you, all i want for Christmas is my two front teeth and


Miss Shelby and Miss Thais