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Happy Wednesday Everyone I hope your all having a wonderful week

Kyro spent the morning outside with Miss Leesa where he enjoyed playing ball games with some friends from toddler one and pushing the trolley around the yard. When Miss Shelby arrived Kyro came inside for morning tea.

After morning tea it was time for Little Big sports Soccer so Kyro went back outside with some friends from toddler one to do soccer. Latika then arrived so came outside with Miss Shelby to watch Kyro. During Soccer Kyro pretended he was an astronaut  on the moon using the soccer ball to kick around the moon spots, Latika enjoyed watching what was happening and wanted to join in doing soccer.


When we came back into Miss Shelby printed off some Soccer ball pictures so Kyro and Latika could paint their own soccer ball using black and white paint. Latika showed self-help skills and independence as she rolled up her sleeves on her t-shirt.

Kyro and Latika both were interested in playing with the animal figures, they sat together as they shared the different animals. Latika recognised and named the horse ”saying horse nay nay”.

To extend on the children’s interest of the animals Miss Shelby brought out the wooden animal magnets and magnet boards, Latika and Kyro sat down with Miss Shelby where they looked at the different animals before getting to stick the magnets onto the magnet board. When Miss Shelby showed Kyro the Lion magnet he responded by going ”raagh”. They both then shared the magnets between each other and placed the animals on the magnet board, Kyro continued to make ”raagh” noises  while placing the Lion on his board.Once they had put all the magnets on the board they both figured out how to get the magnets off by tipping the board up side down and softly hitting the board to get the magnets off.

This activity allowed the children to work collaboratively together, use their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills to pick up the magnets and problem-solving skills to figure out how to get the magnets off the magnet board.

Latika showed interest in chalk drawing as she sat down at the art table, got a chalk board out and a piece of chalk and started drawing. Kyro also joined in and got a chalk board off the art shelf. It is lovely watching the children have the choice in what they want to do and demonstrating self-help skills and independence.

Thank you for a wonderful day

Miss Shelby