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Good afternoon families and friends!

  This morning while we waited for the yard to dry, after some morning songs and playing time in Babies Three and Toddlers One room we finally ventured outdoors. Willow loved to explore the beautiful yard. She is always around the trees, plants and flowers… Alexia found a blue ball and had such a relax time in the fresh air rolling the ball from side to side. Lachlan and Kezia spent some time in the swing together.

 This week we are learning all about shapes and colours. We are sharing more books, sing songs, engage in art experiences and play games. When we got inside the Room we played with the wooden shapes. Lachlan and Willow enjoyed building with the wooden pieces. While we were playing with the wooden pieces it was a great time to practice more about shapes. Alexia and Kezia were interested to explore the new Room… Home corner, dolls house, puzzles were very popular today too!

 We also started our beautiful painting activity for mother`s day, but “shhhhh” it’s a secret! The children were very engaged during the activity. Miss Thais let them free to chose what colours they would like to paint. Lachlan liked to mix the colours and create his own colour for his mother’s day present. Kezia loved the green colour and Willow and Alexia decided to use pink and red colours.

 During lunch time we had a delicous pumpkin soup! They loved it!!!

 Love Miss Thais