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Hello and Happy Monday everyone!

Today we welcomed Ruby, Nayla, Abel, Millie, Orion, Ava, Rosie, Lincoln, Aria, Onyx, Isla and Brayden. We started our morning off playing in our outside yard where our friends really enjoyed the sand pit and making cakes for each other and racing around the track on the bikes. We then all gathered together to sing “The wheels on the bus” “If your happy and you know it” and our all-time favorite “ bee bee bumble bee” with Miss Jordan before we transitioned inside for some yummy morning tea. For group time Miss Maddi then took us all over to the mat to read us “ Follow that tiger” while Miss Jordan prepared our activity which was ‘glad wrap paint play’.

For our activity, Jordan took a few of our friends to the craft space at a time while Miss Maddi and Miss Jade enjoyed time with our other friends outside. We enjoyed mixing different colored paints together and drawing pictures with our fingers. The children are thoroughly enjoying doing activities together in small groups as it is expanding their attention span and focus.

After we all had a turn it was time for Monday yoga! It has been so fun getting back into yoga and enjoying learning alongside toddlers 2 outside in nature! When it was time to transition inside; Miss Jade sang a few songs with us including ‘Hammer Hammer’ and ‘I had a tiny turtle’ and of course finished off with ‘Bee Bee’ in time for transitioning inside for lunch.

Our friends have full bellies and are resting in time for afternoon play!

Much love; Miss Maddi, Jordan, and Jade x x