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Happy Tuesday Parents and Friends 🙂
Warm welcome from Toddlers room!

We began our morning today – ran, swing, jumped, rode bikes, played in the sand pit and had lots of fun with our friends from toddlers 1 in the playground. The children were excited to transition indoors for morning tea and indoor experiences. When we came inside we went straight to the bathroom and washed our hands with soap and got ready for morning tea.
After morning tea, we had group time where Miss Gabi sang “ Old McDonalds Had a Farm “ song the children all gathered on the mat  listening and interacting with the song as names of animals and also making the animal songs. To extend on this interest Miss Gabi set up a table with three different colors of playdough and the animal farm – Stamping – squishing, rolling, sculpting and modelling our little friends loved play with playdough. Tuesday morning was therefore spent engaging the children in the sensory activity of playdough.
Molding playdough is excellent for developing a child’s fine motor skills – concentration and works on creativity as a child has to mold from an image they hold mentally. Playdough is an activity which children always have a positive experience with. The very nature of the substance makes it calming to play with. The activity was relaxing and highly therapeutic. It can reduce stress and is a wonderful medium for an anxious child.

Once we finish our sensory learning play with the playdough we decide to go outside and wash up all the little “farm animals” so Miss Otavia sets up a basket with weather for us to clean up the toys – was fun and had a little water play on this sunny morning. Well done friends, you guys are so good helpers!

We are planning to fill in the rest of our afternoon outside enjoying the sunshine – playing in the sand pit, on the equipment that engages the children in a happy free play time.

    Check out the photos 🙂

With Love xx

Miss Gabi and Miss Otavia