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Happy Friday♥

Warm welcome to everyone, we hope you have had a lovely week. Here is what we got up to today♥

This morning started outside in the fresh outdoors with lots to explore. Gucci (horse from next door) was very famous today! The children enjoyed looking at him through the fence. Miss Gabi spoke to the children about the horses, what they ate, what noise they make. They were all so intrigued. We are lucky we are able to have a close view of Gucci here. Miss Thais soon after did a dragon hunt! As they explored throughout the yard to find dragons!!!!! After our morning of amazement it was time to go inside to start our morning routine.

We all sat together on the mat and we listened to “Home amongst the gum tree” and “Kookaburra Laugh” As we are focusing on Australia this week and next. Lets say the children thought these songs were a hit as they bobbed away and clapped to the beat. We then sang “Bee,Bee Bumble Bee to transition to washing hands before morning tea.

Indoor morning play:

  • Making our own musical instruments! This was so much fun. The children were able to make their own musical instruments using a container, pasta and bells. They all did it themselves and we assisted in helping with the tapping of the lids so everything didn’t go flying when they happily shook them about. They were all very PROUD of what they achieved. Some friends decided to make a tower with them as others did some drumming, shaking, and tapping. It was a very musical morning and they love exploring sound.
  • The children were able to self select activities of their choice throughout the morning such as building with blocks, playing in home corner, driving the cars around and through the car garage and role playing with the puppets.

What an AWESOME day it has been! Thank You for the amazing week♥

Have a beautiful weekend and see you all soon!

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx