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Good morning and happy Friday! Today Toddlers 2 was joined by our friends Luca, Rania, Parker, Kezia, Everly and Conall.

We began our day like every other Friday with our favourite dance teacher Ms Jeni! She came in during the morning and we were met with our friends from the next door toddler class. Ms Jeni showed us the dance to heads shoulders knees and toes, as well as the chicken dance and animal freeze. Animal freeze is particularly Parkers favourite dance as heknows exactly when freeze is coming up and yells it out to the whole class.

We then did some lion paintings that we will add to our walls in our classroom to help complete our jungle theme that has already been slowly building. Miss Jade painted our feet to make the body of the lion and we stamped our feet onto the paper. A lot of us were quite ticklish and said “cold” when our feet were being painted with the brush. Conall, Zahra and Rania weren’t too keen on having their feet painted so Miss Jade just painted their hands instead and used a hand print.

Conall and Luca also enjoyed playing with the sticky sheet on the wall sticking the different animal magnets to. After, Miss Steph sat everyone down before lunch time to enjoy a story and to have some group time.

We hope you all have a wonderful and fun filled weekend, ready to come back fresh for next week!

Lots of love Miss Steph and Miss Jade xx