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Good afternoon families!

What a rainy day today! This morning we welcomed; Nayla, Alanis, Alia, Lachlan, Abel, Aria, Dominic, Millie, Onyx, Kezia, Lincoln, Rania into our room. We enjoyed playing with the baby dolls, pretend canteen, and books before we washed our hands and transitioned to sit down for morning tea!

For group time this morning we read ‘Follow that tiger!’ and ‘Kindness’, Our friends are getting so clever at sitting quietly and listening to books! For our activity; our friends continued on our canteen theme by making pink playdough cupcakes to put in our stall in the home corner. We then painted cardboard cylinders pink, blue and yellow to make our pom-pom drop sensory activity that our friends will wake up to!                                        After; we washed our hands, had lunch, and are now resting!

Be safe in the rain and we will see you, tomorrow friends!

Much love; Miss Maddi, Thais and Bec x x