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Hello Families and Friends! 🙂
Happy Monday!

Today we welcome in toddlers classroom
Indi, Jackson, Thomas, Mathias, Cameron, Edward, Noah, Finely, Tai, Oliver, Kynell and super special welcome to our new friend Beau. 🙂

Was a beautiful learning and playful morning at the toddlers’ classroom. This morning we had a relaxing and enjoyable play outside in the playground with our friends from Toddlers 1. Our friends had the opportunity to explore the environment around and search for their self-interest play. At this morning they got engaged in:

Reading  books with Miss Jess in the yard;
Playing in the sandpit – making sand castle, fill in baskets with sand, digging and making different shape animals using sand;
Climbing and training their balance in the obstacle course;
Riding a bike around the yard;

Was beautiful to see our friend enjoying each other companies this morning- when we are having fun the time time goes so fast then it was time to started our morning routine. Before morning tea we had our Group time. On the mat all our friends sat down to listen to a story- today Miss Gabi read a book that calls “You`re big brother” how helps aby new big brother work through what to expect when the new baby arrives. 🙂 After that was time for singing our favourite rhymes song as “Wheels on the bus” and ‘5 cheeky monkeys” and also our transition song “bee bee bumble bee” for washing hands and getting already for morning tea.

In our play group experience today our friends had the opportunity to draw with car – Drawing on larges pieces of paper that are stuck onto the floor. We did this creative experience by using a variety of different coloured texters that we sticky taped onto the cars so when the children drove ‘pushed’ the car on the paper designing their own pictures using all their imagination and creativity. This activity was sensory based and thus supported language development, cognitive growth, motor skills, problem solving and social interaction.
Also, this morning the children were so excited to explore the room and engage in a variety of experiences as a building with blocks, making train tracks, drawing, read book, home corner and pretended they are cooking and much more.

Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big adventure outside in the afternoon!

Check out the photos.

With Love ♥
Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope.