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Beautiful Monday

Hello and welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely long weekend. It was a great start to our glorious Monday as we all skipped on outside eager to explore and play with one another. The children enjoyed digging in the sandpit, climbing up and through the tunnel, enjoying face paint (yellow flowers for daffodil day today).

It was then time to join everyone on the carpet for group time. In group time today Miss Gabi read ‘’Farm and Bottoms’’ After Miss Gabi read this book, she put a variety of animals in the box, and they had to put their hand inside the hole to see what farm animal they pull out before they wash their hands for morning tea.

When the children had finished morning tea Miss Gabi set up the farm animals inside the black tray with leaves and wooden loose parts. They ALL had so much fun exploring the different animals and making the sounds. We then packed away as we have started our wonderful Father’s Day gifts that the children will be able to give to their father, grandfather or to who is a father figure in their life.

Afterwards we headed outside for a lovely yoga session with Miss Hayley on the veranda. In yoga today they laid on their backs and did some lovely breathing as Miss Hayley let the rainbow blanket flow over their heads before bubbles drifted over. They ended yoga with sleeping bunnies and yoga stretches.

The children were able to adventure around their playground before they came inside for a VERY delicious lunch before they headed to their beds for a reenergised rest for this afternoon’s whirl of FUN AND EXCTIMENT.

P.S This Friday 3rd of August we are holding a Father’s Day sport afternoon. This for their father, grandfather, or a father figure to the child. The RSVP is today in reception or can email.

Thankyou all for today,

See you all soon.

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx