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Happy Thursday Families and Friends 🙂

Today we welcome in our classroom Jackson C, Cameron, Noah, Leiana, Kynell, Macsen, Max, Spencer and Noa.

Another fabulous day around here in this morning. Our day started with our friends exploring our beautiful environment outside with our friends from toddlers 1 classroom. Today Miss Hope did a very special set up in the playground she made tree sensory tubs filled with three different elements. One was a sensory tray filled with wet sand to make strong sandcastles -the second was filed with water and silver and orange glitter for some fun water play and The third tub was filled with sand, bark, small pieces of wood, leaves and toy animals. Wooow what a fun experience our friends loved it so much. They also enjoyed drawing with chalk, water panting, reading books with friends, climbing in the obstacle course and much more.

The time flies when are having so much fun with our friends – then was time for coming inside to explored a different scenario and also started our morning routine. In our group time today we celebrated Chinese’s New Year using technology to help us accesses kids Chinese’s songs, our friends loved watching the pictures and listening all the different worlds – they danced and clapping their hands our the time. 🙂 After then Miss Gabi song  a few on our favourite songs like “wheels on the bus” and “sleeping bunnies” and our transition music “bee bee bumble bee”.

In our group learning experience today we continues celebrated Chinese’s new year doing a creativity activity. Using foil, cotton bugs, black and red painting our friends was inviting to paint Chinese`s letter and symbols – Is amazing to see how they particularly enjoyed this creative experiences special when they are allowed to draw in something different than paper.
They also had the opportunity to engage this morning with: Arakan with Mister Daniel constriction with blocks, cars and transporting toys, read books and much more.

Now our friends are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big adventure outside in the afternoon! 

Tomorrow will be the Sweetheart day at Riversdale – so please come dressed up your child in pink, red, hearts or anything to celebrate love and kindness. 

Check out the photos!

With Love
Miss Gabi, Miss Hope and Miss Jess