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Hello Families and Friends! đŸ™‚

We have had a fantastic day here in toddlers 2 today as we did lots of exciting activities including some fun creative experiences with all our friends! We started the morning by welcoming Noah, Spencer, Noa, Diego, Cameron, Jackson, Max, and Edward with warm welcoming cuddles.

Today is Noahs 2nd   anniversary – very big Happy Birthday to Noah!!!! ♥

We started off the celebrations by having a little play in the yard while we waited for all our friends to arrive. We did lots of exploring through the yard as we said hello to the horses, ride laps around the yard, climbing up and though the big obstacle course and going down the slides. We also had a few little activities throughout the yard including puzzles, reading books, and playing in the sand pit. All the children really enjoyed playing outdoors this morning, so we decided to spend most of the day outside as it was such a perfect day.

After some yummy morning tea, we got our aprons on and got ready to do some finger painting outdoors in the shade. We did this creative experience by filling up a small egg carton with six different colours including yellow, orange, red, pink, green, and blue. The children then got to dip their fingers into the paint to than paint onto the big recycled carboard boxes using their hands to paint their own pictures. All the children had so much fun doing this experience getting to feel the texture of the paint and guessing what the different were. Cameron had lots of fun with this experience as he did not want to use his fingers to paint at first but after seeing his friend painting, he decided to join in the fun, it made him happy feeling the texture of the paint to then painting his very own little picture on the cardboard. Edward and Spencer love paint as they had so much fun painting the cardboard, themselves, and the educators, we really want to do more of these kinds of creative experience as all the children really love it.

To get all the paint off ourselves we set up little water play activity to do straight after the painting experience. We set up the sensory table to place water and cloths inside for the children to wash their hands and get all that paint off. Max loves water and helping, he begun using the cloths to clean the areas of the yard that had paint on it once he finished washing all the paint off himself. We also used the hose to get the paint off our feet. Noa and Diego loved the hose and all the different setting on it like the ‘mist’ setting because it felt like it was raining. Noah and Jackson enjoyed running around the yard and hiding to get sprayed by the water they had so much fun running around together.

To end the celebrations we will be having a party within our room, as we will be playing with balloons and listening to all Noah’s favourite songs to sing and dance to and after afternoon tea we will be having some delicious cup cakes.

Thank you for such an amazing Thursday!

Much love Miss Hope, Miss Gabi, and Miss Natalie