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Hello Parents and Friends! 😊 

A warm welcomed from Toddlers 2.

Today we welcomed in our crew: Avery, Adem, Jackson C, Cameron, Edward, Noah, Leiana, Kynell, Peyton, Max, Spencer and Noa.

What a super fabulous day of fun play in the toddler’s room today, our day has been filled with giggles, cuddles and smiles. Today we spent the day exploring our toddlers environment and enjoying the company of our friends.

Today toddler`s friends had a wonderful time exploring the playground, we decided to have a physical play day today! And the children loved it! 😊

Our day started with our friends curious exploring the “big slides” yard, Miss Gabi select toys and happily the children had the opportunity to engage in so many different resources as a: 

– Rocking in the dinosaur: The children really enjoying rocking in the little dinosaur, saying “see saw” they had so much fun! 

–   Colourful blocks: Extending the children interest for blocks we set up colourful blocks for the kids play with. They enjoyed building tower and after smashed it saying: “ ohhh no”, they also liked looking through the blocks, seeing the world around them change colour.

– Train Tracks – As one of the favourite resources our friends liked pushing the little wood train all around the tracks when they were saying “ tooh tooh”. As this was a very popular activity it was a great opportunity for the children to practice their turn taking and communication skills.

The time flies when we are having fun, then was time to came inside the classroom a little and started our morning routines.

Before morning tea we had our daily meet in the group mat to say Hello to our friends and read a book. Today our friend Noa brought her special book from home to share with us. The book was about number, and the children showed such an interest an enthusiasm in the story, we will look t extend the children interest in number through our learning experiences. 😊  Also, we had our friend Leiana who`s brought another special thing to share with us in our tell`n`show activity. She showed her friends her special dancing clothes, Leiana loves dance and music and today she felt for share it with us. 😊 Thanks so much Leiana and Noa we really appreciate your special participation in our group time today!  😊 

For our Morning tea today, we had a very yummy Vegan French Toast served with delicious triple berry compote and fresh fruits. 

After morning tea, we continued setting back into and exploring our wonderful environment outside.  This time we let the children played in another selected part of the yard, the slides part and we had so much fun down there. Excited our friends took turns to slide down in the big slides, for the children protection we placed a mat under it. Animated with the play our friends didn’t stop to go up and down in the slides, they really enjoyed the physical play, we could just hear our friends saying “ woooow” then going down the slides. 😊 

They also engage in a sensory play with trucks. Using the little digger they enjoyed scope the bark and transported it until the grass part. 

It was so much going on, so much noise, and so much fun around here today! 🙂

For our lunch time we had another delicious and nutritive meal a Cheeky Mexican Black bean tortilla melts with guacamole. 

Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big play  in the afternoon!

Check out the photos

With Love, 

Miss Gabi, Miss jess and Miss Hope