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Happy Tuesday Families and Friends! 🙂
Today we welcomed in our crew Noa, Oliver, Jackson, Thomas, Cameron, Beau, Edward, Finley, Noah and Max.

What a super fabulous day of fun play in the toddlers room today. This morning the children were excited to explore the room and engage in a variety of fun play experiences, our day began with our friends doing a collaborative art work for Miss Kylie, today is her birthday and we started to celebrate it early in the morning. Our friend let all their creativity flow and expressed their self in free drawing in a big oeacr of paper. The children loved the process of creating Kylie`s birthday card.

We also get engage in so many more learning opportunities as a:

♥ Construction area – what a great fun our friends had helping each other to build the train tracks, they also connected it to the car set. 🙂
♥ Role play in home corner area – Toddlers has been having a great fun in the kitchen space, they love to dress up with the little kitchen apron and then pretending they are cooking to each other, they, also set up the little table to their friends had the meal.
♥ Building area – They had a great fun building tower with a little wood blocks and after smashed it away and then saying: ” ohhh nooo” – laughing.
♥ Reading books in the group mat was popular around here too.
♥ Table experiences – We finished our little surprise gift to Miss Kylie -It was made with so much love from toddlers Two.

In our group time today, Miss Gabi read a book that called ” Happy Birthday Spot” to continue in Kylie`s birthday celebrate. Then everybody sat down in the group mat t and listened to the story carefully. They love this type of flaps books, at the story time they were so excited to figure out what was behind to each flap. 🙂
When we finished our story book time we had a super special ” Tell n Show”. Today was Noah`s turn to share with his friends his 4 days trip adventure exploring around Fraser Island. When Miss Gabi called him to stand up to show and tell Noah was so confidently and happy. Friendly he shared the photos with his friends and excited telling his friends about his holiday time.
Thank you so much Michel ( Noah`s mum) for sharing this incredible photos with us. I am sure Noah loved this experience. 🙂 ♥

We also had a wonderful time exploring the playground this morning, riding bikes, climbing up the ladder into the tree house, though the big net and over the bridge to go down the slide and exploring the landscape. Some of our friends enjoyed speeding time close to the fence calling the horses. So cute, they picked grass from the ground and then offered it to the horses, even the horses was far way. ♥ You guys are absolutely beautiful! ♥

Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big play in the afternoon!

Check out the photos

With Love, Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope.