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Hoop Little bunnies – hoop hoop hoop!

Happy Tuesday Families and Friends! 😊

What an amazing day we had around toddlers 2 classroom today! The day began with our little friends so excited to explore the environment inside searching for their self-select toys and games and also enjoying each other company. Has been amazing seem our friends getting closer and building positive relationship with their pairs ♥♥♥

The learning experiences the children involved today were:

♥Building with blocks – Construction area was on of the most popular playing in this morning. Miss Emma gave to our classroom these new soft blocks set. Using different shapes, the children were able to make houses, circles, triangles and tower.
♥ Wood puzzles – Practicing they fine motor skills our friends had a good concentration skill meeting the pieces in the right spot.
♥ Home corner was a great fun too – the children enjoyed pretending they were cooking for their friends.
♥ Car set was a famous around the classroom too. Going up the hill and let the car goes all the way down the children had fun taking turns and sharing the little cars.

In our group time today, we read an Easter book that calls “dragon`s Easter hunt” the story is about the dragon who is setting up an Easter egg hunt for his magical friends. The children had a participate in the story lift the flaps and helping the dragon hide the eggs. 😊 They loved it and very nicely they waited for their turn to help Dragon hide the eggs and make this the best Easter ever. Then was time for our transition song – washing hands and get ready for morning tea.

With our tummies full was time for we get organise for wait our illustrate visit we had in this morning. 😊 Everybody were so enthusiastic waiting for the Easter bunny. We started our Easter celebrates today in our group experience the children used texter to decorate a little paper box to fill it with the egg the bunny was about to bring t us. In another part of the classroom was Miss Hope doing a face paint and letting our friends with a bunny face. – SO CUTE. 😊 In the end of the morning Easter bunny arrived to visit us in our classroom- the children were delight with bunny presence here, doing him a lot of cuddles, hugs and high five. Also, Bunny brought to us a little Easter egg (plastic egg) with a beautiful Easter sticker inside.

Before we get already for lunch time – our friends had a little free playtime in the playground area.

Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big play in the afternoon!

Check out the photos!!

With Love,

Miss Gabi, Miss Hope and Miss Jess