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Happy Tuesday Parents and Families 🙂
A warm welcome from Toddlers 1 classroom.

The toddlers were so excited to play and explore all the environment today! Our day began with our friends having so much fun in the yard- The sandpit, riding bikes and obstacle course were the favourite spot in this morning and our friends choice for a playtime together. They enjoyed sharing sand toys, taking turns riding the bikes and practicing they balance and big jumps in the obstacle course and much more.
Was beautiful saw our friends enjoying each other company 🙂

The time passes so fast when we are having fun then it is time to pack away the playground and ready our morning routines.
In our group time today Miss Gabi read a book that calls ” When I love you..” inspired in mother`s day that comes soon. The book shows a ” mum Rabbit” loving her little rabbit in different scenarios. The children got engage in the story book – pointed to the rabbits they said ” that is my mum too”! ♥ How cute!
Then was time to make some noise singing our favourite rhyme songs using different music instruments. The kids love be loud! 🙂

With full tummy was time to explore the environment outside for another adventure. In our group learning experience today the children had a opportunity to make fresh juice with Miss Brooke. Using Orange, pineapple, watermelon and mandarin fresh fruits the children were invited for cutting the fruits in small pieces and then place it in a juice maker, squeezing it to make their own yummy fresh juice. Our little friends loved the experience. 🙂

Now we had a lovely rest time on our beds listening to soft music for having other amazing playtime in this afternoon!

Check out the photos.

With Love,

Miss Jess, Miss Gabi, Miss Hope and Miss Brooke.