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 Happy Tuesday Families and Friends! 

A warm welcome from Toddlers Two classroom, we hope you had a lovely Easter break 😊

Wooow despite the rainy weather this morning the children still had a ball of fun! They spent their morning exploring our beautiful environment inside, everybody was so excited to play with all our amazing resources and to see their friends.  Our day began with toddlers being curious and looking for their self-selected play. They had the opportunity to engage in the following:

Construction area –  Building with the soft wooden blocks has been one of the famous thing to do in our classroom, using different shapes to make as a house, bridges, hills and much more. Also extending the play in their interests and including other select toys as a cars, trucks and the plastic animals.
Reading books – The children spontaneously searched through the books and sat on the carpet as they flicked through the pages with their friends. Miss Jess then came over to ask if they would like her to read them a book and they responded saying yes! The children have been showing a great interest in books and it is so great as it helps expand their language and may other great benefits.
Problem solving with puzzles – They enjoyed problem solving with the puzzles as they use their great minds to really focus on where the puzzles pieces fit!
Car site – They loved zooming the cars down and through the car garage as well as zooming the big wooden trucks on the car mats with their friends.

The time flies when we are having so much fun, as it was time to start our morning routine. Before morning tea we had our group time – Today Miss Gabi read a book called “Where is my truck?” with amazing listening skills our friends sat down in the group mat and engaged so much with the story book. We then sang ”Wheels on the bus” before singing our transition song to wash hands for morning tea. This week we will be focusing a lot more on transportation which we are all so excited about!!!!

After morning tea we helped tidy up before Miss Gabi got some playdough out for us as a group and we all sat at the tables together. We then plunged our cars through the playdough and the children loved this!!! This was so much fun and it enhanced greatly on their sensory play as well as fine motor skills and so much more.

We had a beautiful morning and we hope you all did too♥

This afternoon after we all woke from our energising nap we were eager to have a joyful afternoon.

Thank you all for today,

See you all soon and take care on the roads♥

Love Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx