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Hello Families and Friends 🙂
Happy Wednesday !!

Today we welcomed in our classroom Jackson.B, Indi, Jackson.C, Cameron, Edward, Leiana, Oliver, Max and Noa.

What a super fabulous day of fun play in the toddlers room today! This morning the children were excited to explore their environment and engage in a variety of fun play experiences.

Outside experiences we engaged in today include:

* Sandpit play – they sharing the sand toy, helping each other making sand cupcake, fill in trucks with sand and more
* Taking turns in the bike and riding bike around the yard.
* Dancing our favourite nurse rhyme songs

Indoor experiences we engaged in today include:
* Role play in the home corner was amazing as the children played. They had fun enjoyed pretending they were cooking, taking care of the babies and playing in the little washing machine.
* Construction play was great fun as the children built using magnetics blocks.
* Reading books in our group mat with Miss Jess.

In our group time today we continue working on the “International mother language week” through our favourite nursey rhyme songs. In our group time today we went to the group mat for sing and dance “head – shoulders – knees and Toe” that was the song we choose for work on today. After we song it in English we included the others native language we have in classroom. So, we song it in French to celebrate Oliver`s culture – in Japanese to celebrate Noa`s culture – in Persian to celebrate Cameron`s culture, in Portuguese do celebrate Miss Gabi`s culture then we invited Miss Emma to came over and singing it in Maori to celebrate New Zealand culture. 🙂 Introducing children to different cultural celebrations is an excellent opportunity to teach their about a new culture also, respect it and welcoming different nations. ♥
Extending the children interest in the song we did a group drawing. Miss Gabi set up a big peace of paper on the floor then invited our friends to lay down and then she traced their body. Then, we together identified the body parts and then we coloured it.
They loved the experience !!! 🙂

It was so much going on, so much noise, so much smiles and laughs and so much fun around here this morning!

Now our little friends are resting in their bed – listening to quiet songs and relaxing for one more adventure this afternoon !!!

Check out the photos !!

With Love ♥
Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope