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Today was another Fabulous Friday here in the Toddler Room at Riversdale Early Learning! This morning Vaughn & Charlotte from Toddlers Two joined us for lots of fun. First up, Miss Leesa brought out her puppets & the children sang along to nursery rhymes while using the puppets as props to extend on their interests.

After a delicious morning tea of fruit and raisin bread, the children wandered to various experiences. Soon the children noticed Miss Jess was gathering resources from the storeroom and moving some of the furniture around. The children were excited when they saw a big black tray with colourful sand in the middle of the floor! Miss Gabi, Miss Thais & Miss Jess sat with the children as they explored the sand, created sand castles using the different molds & mixed the colours around in the tray.

Miss Jen arrived  later to run our weekly dance session. The children were moving & grooving along with the music and engaged in a variety of different games that Miss Jen had set up. The children continued to dance around after Miss Jen had left. However, a few children had noticed that some loose parts play had been set up on the spotty mat for the children to engage in if they so wished. William, Ellie & Harley played along side each other to see who could build the tallest tower, Vaughn was enjoying feeling each piece and putting them in piles. While Kaylee helped Charlotte build some structures and together they knocked them down.

Soon it was time for lunch. Miss Kerry let some farm animals loose on our serving plate! The children had a good giggle at having the farm animals join us for our yummy lunch of pumpkin soup & salad.

Have a safe weekend everybody…

Love Miss Leesa, Miss Jess & Miss Thais!